Complete your Looks with Happo Masks!

After the pandemic, the only essential objet when leaving the house was the cell phone. Nowadays, the normality that we’re all living, requires us not to leave the house without another essential acessory, the protective masks.

With that reason, Happo was born. The goal was to turn the boring masks, into a fashion acessory, with unique characteristics, as the certification by the Lab Equilibrium. Come find here some of their characteristics and methods of washing and using it.

And as the criativity and the style have no limits, we want to help you combine our Happo Masks with your looks.

Light Looks 

Usually when you use a light look, you pretend to be discret and don’t draw too much attention. This way, the mask should reflect the same mood. So we should choose a mask with  shades of beige and white, with or without small details.

Monochromatic Looks

The looks without patterns and monochromatics, help us monetize our time, as we don’t need to combine colors. So we can combine our masks with the same color as the outfit, or matching with one accessorie, like shoes, bag, or even necktie. The small details make all the difference!


Simple Looks

For the simple and most versatile looks, we suggest you whimsical accessories! Nothing is better than to contrast your outfit with a mask with patterns. Come dare to meet our collection with the most beautiful patterns.

Bold Looks

If you are the type  of person who does not leave home with “anything” we suggest you two options:

  1. Overlapping patters or color matching. For example, we can match two identical patterns, but with different colors.
  2. Conjugar as cores do teu outfit com uma cor predominante do padrão da máscara de tecido. 

Matchy Looks

If you prefer to match your looks with your kids,  brothers, parents, or with your friends, we have the solution for you!

Happo has created the same patterns, with different sizes, so you can match with everyone!