Make Eco-Friendly Choices

The concerns related to the health of the planet are associated with our own health, and what we do today for nature and its prevention will shape our day tomorrow. Aligned to this commitment and with the objective of transforming life for the better, the mission and vision that Happo Mask defends every day emerge.

As a brand, our main focus is the excellence of our products and constant improvement of our processes, which allows us to offer a product that differentiates itself in the national and international market.
Thus, we use high quality raw materials that allow us to produce a comfortable and safe solution for all our customers.

Discover all the characteristics of Happo Mask here, created with special attention to sustainability and environmental prevention:
- Zero waste in the production process;
- Use of organic and textile fabrics;
- Washable and reusable products.

Our sense of social responsibility led us to want to help improve people's lives by implementing a project that would contribute to their needs and precautions arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, combined with the great concern for the conscious use of natural resources, new alternatives and actions in relation to the planet and the implications for the well-being of society.

Happo Mask was created with the intention and purpose of finding and providing sustainable alternatives to the use of disposable masks and gloves. Each product is a versatile piece that adapts to all occasions, with the constant concern of providing unique pieces that connect: maximum safety to your days, a fashion accessory with the most varied colors and patterns that help you to combine with your looks and is a safe, sustainable, eco-friendly and reusable product.


Make your choices more sustainable!